Low Agent Alarm for Vaporizers

An-Alarm was developed by a team of engineers and anesthesiologists at a top ten academic medical center to ensure that non-powered anesthesia vaporizers do not unexpectedly run dry. This cord-free, retrofittable device easily mounts to existing vaporizers, self-aligns, and monitors the level of anesthesia in the sight glass.  An-Alarm sounds an alarm when the anesthesia level falls to the minimum set point on the site glass, preventing unintended low levels of anesthesia, which could potentially result in disastrous consequences, such as awakening during surgery, explicit recall of surgical events, and devastating psychological trauma.

An-Alarm is completely self-contained, battery powered, and it is safe and effective.  An-Alarm allows full and complete visual monitoring of the sight glass despite the fact that it is securely mounted on the vaporizer.  An-Alarm uses a patented detection system that is completely harmless to the naked eye and is efficient in power consumption.  It features a visual and auditory alarm set to trigger when the anesthetic agent level in the sight glass drops to the minimum set point.

“The consensus is that low agent alarms would be useful on all vaporizers … The low agent alarm would be a very useful adjunct to monitoring the exhaled agent concentration to indicate the need to refill the vaporizer before the operation is compromised by having too little agent in the vaporizer.”

— Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation Newsletter, 2008

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